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Criminal Office in Bari

LABFIRM thanks to the strategic location of the city of origin, to Bari, a bridge between the east and the west, and his spirit internationalist, offers assistance in English and Spanish, for every problem relating to the criminal law, military, civil, internet, work, and social security.

In carrying out the defense mandate, LABFIRM criminal lawyers are inspired and constantly report to the principles established by international law as well as by the European Court of Human Rights, in order to ensure the Client the widest protections and defenses.

LABFIRM lawyers patronize clients in all disputes before the Merit and Military Jurisdictions throughout the national territory and before the Court of Cassation, the Council of State as well as before the Supervisory Magistrates and the European Court of Human Rights.
Thanks to its international spirit, LABFIRM has always been at the forefront of respecting personal rights in accordance with the international treaties and offers legal and tax advice, also making use of consultants located abroad, for the relocation or opening of offices companies throughout Eastern Europe.

Conferences and Training

Gianfranco Rotondo, founder of LabFirm. Lawyer, bankruptcy trustee and technical consultant of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Bari, with certified professionalism in the field of corporate governance, in the preparation of organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, of the anti-corruption and environmental legislation, provides defensive advocacy and advice in favor of national and foreign companies.
Expert in criminal law in all its many expressions: tax, financial, banking, corporate, bankruptcy, environmental, organized crime and penitentiary law.
Deep knowledge of the law of the internet and new technologies.
He has acquired expertise in the field of Risk management & Criminal liability of companies (Legislative Decree 231/01), Safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/08), Personal data protection (GDPR 2016/679) and Anti-Corruption (Legislative Decree 97/2016, UNI ISO 37001).
He played at the University of Bari, Department, on the relations of labour and industrial relations, the chair of Prof. Thomas Germano, research, and mentoring.
It is the sole director of MEDILEGALINK The company including Lawyers and Doctors.
Speaks fluent English and Spanish.

(University of Olsztyn, Poland, 29-30 may 2003) with a report on “The protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms: a communion of intent between the New Polish Constitution, and the Project of the european Constitution”;

Conferences and Training

L’avvocato Michał Skwira gestisce lo studio legale a Stettino in Polonia.  Si occupa di servizi complessi per persone ed entità polacche e straniere nel campo del diritto commerciale, del diritto del lavoro e del diritto dell’Unione Europea, della concorrenza e dei trasporti internazionali. Michał Skwira rappresenta i clienti in casi di diritto penale, compreso il diritto penale commerciale, e in questioni che riguardano la partecipazione di entità aziendali in procedimenti penali. Conduce indagini interne e fornisce consulenza per contrastare gli effetti negativi degli atti penali.
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